Prosolutions Brochure

This brochure for a technology consulting company described energy issues and the company's services simply.

What's in the Box?

At ProSolutions, we have one goal:  to help you get control of and keep control of the energy you use.

We know what you're thinking: "Just another company out to sell me a box."

Not exactly.

The engineers at ProSolutions stay on top of the cutting edge in energy technology. If another box of equipment is what you need, we'll see that you get it. But that's not what we're really about. What we're really about is helping you control costs and control the quality and quantity of the energy your company uses. We find solutions for energy problems, and we do what's necessary to make those solutions work.

Many times our solutions pay for themselves in a few months.

This makes us feel good.

It's an old equation: energy in, money out. The more your company produces, the more energy you use, and the more youpay in energy costs. At ProSolutions, wee find cutting edge technology to help you cut your energy costs.

And wouldn't paying less feel very satisfying?

For example, if your installation uses a lot of electric motors, and you're paying more for the magnetizing current those motors use, our engineers can help you fit your facility with power factor correction capacitors that will let you use your own energy to provide that current and cut your costs.

. . .