IBSS Product Features

Product Feature descriptions can be especially challenging:  conveying the full breadth of a complicated product in a small space.


Flexible Industrial Solutions
 Product Features

  With the introduction of FIS, version 2, manufacturers have the opportunity to bring unprecedented levels of automation and efficiency to their operations.

  FIS maintains complete information about customers, orders, and the processes needed to fill those orders in a system that provides real-time access to every aspect of day-to-day operations. The system includes four modules so tightly integrated that every inventory item can be tracked from the time it reaches your loading dock as raw material to the time it reaches your customer’s loading dock as finished product.

Orders Management

  The orders management module allows complete customer information to be maintained In the most appropriate formats, including national account numbers allowing multiple locations to be billed to one address. The system supports manual entry or automated EDI entry with orders evaluated by order acceptance rules before processing, including verification against credit and account information. Companies with multiple locations or subsidiaries and special programs and pricing structures are readily accommodated. Information about customer product specifications is maintained with other online current customer information.

Manufacturing Execution Management

  Because the process path for every product is maintained in the system, the manufacturing execution management module is able to schedule work, machinery, processes, inventory movement, replenishment, cycle times, and special instructions for every work in process. It provides work queue management and inventory lot tracking, as well as handling printing of production dispatch lists, lot tickets, WIP labels and other pieces needed on the shop floor The system maintains interfaces with machines, data collection devices, time and attendance and general ledger, and is tightly integrated with orders, inventory and shipping modules.

Inventory Management

  FIS’s inventory management module controls movement and tracks Inventory at every stage, while performing cycle counting and controlling replenishment levels. The system supports virtually any method of tracking at multiple locations, either random or allocation storage. Because each put-up piece is stored with a unique fingerprint,” the system allows for near 100% accuracy of inventory, Information can be keyed, or collected with data collection devices for improved accuracy and efficiency. It tracks intermediate inventory and work in process and reports on all inventory levels, providing a complete audit trail.


  The shipping module streamlines every part of the shipping process. Cartonizing is automated for most efficient use of space, and coordinates size, pick lists, and pickers. The system allows for complete or partial picks. Palletizing generates slip sheets for each pallet to maintain complete control over shipping accuracy, and weight verification is performed for quality control. Because it is tightly integrated with the orders module it can generate ail documents necessary, including shipping labels that meet the specific requirements of customers for each order, and shipping dates and methods are fully under control of the users. The system fully complies with the requirements of a growing number of national chains.

The Single System

  These four modules can work together as a single system under the FIS process master to bring the efficiency of automation to its full potential or these modules can be installed as stand alone applications to meet specific needs of the manufacturer.